Welcome to Tutus Divine

There is more to dance than just movement. The artful ballet tutus, ballet costumes, and other dancewear you see are all custom designs whose purpose is to help tell the story. The creation of beautiful ballet costuming and stagewear for the ballerina or danseur to use in performance or competition is what we are about at Tutus Divine.

At Tutus Divine, meticulous, painstaking construction, the use of only the finest fabric, unique handiwork, and detail to decorations and embellishments make our creations truly one of a kind.

It is our goal to make available to every dancer the exquisite costumes normally reserved for major dance companies.

If you understand the real importance of what quality costumes and accessories mean to a production, then you will want to contact us. If you are looking for the edge that every great performer seems to exhibit, then you need to contact us.















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Tutus Divine 2001 - Questions or comments? Contact Paula Drake at balletnanna@aol.com or call (630) 513-6321